As the cool breeze flows,
The fleet of pigeons fly,
Walk through the city of peace,

A city where my Prophet reside.

Was just one among the cities,
That land of Arabia had.
Madina rose to heights of purity,

As heaven on earth with integrity !!

Love n affection was not the only offered ,
They greeted Prophet with hearts opened.
Giving and sharing what they had,
People like them were never sad.
To love more n to give more,

They fought to offer more n more .

Lest they feared when Makkah was won,
The beloved Prophet would return.
But neither did He go back ,
Nor His companions did.
Prophet stayed in Madina untill His last breath,

And Madina became a golden wreath !!

The wind brings stories of Him!
The stars brighten in glories to Him!
Every tree n every stone,
As you walk , tell they own,
What any other city could hardly dream,
Madina lovingly embraces our Prophet supreme!!


 Shijina Abdul Gafoor 
Madinath khalifa center 
Doha , Qatar