Hadiya camp – Revival 2020

“Hadiya camp – Revival 2020” – Thursday’s evening program was very good, and it was very helpful. Especially Dr. Shifana madam’s class about health awareness (topic: let’s guard our health not for our sickness). This class was very good, it helped us to learn how to keep ourselves and our family healthy. Thanks to Dr. Shifana mam for giving wonderful class to us. 

              Similarly the demo class called “Mayyath paripaalanam” after death, it was very helpful. We have been learned a lot of things from this session and also it changed our many misconceptions. Thanks to Hadiya sisters for giving such a wonderful class to us.

            Next session the “Secondary source of income” also become very important and helpful this was also a good motivation class too. It helped us to learn a lot of new job opportunities, special thanks to Hiba.

            Also, the wonderful session “Rasakkoot” was very interesting, we learned recipes of variety of delicious dishes from that, and also after the program we were able to eat a lot of delicious dishes. So, thanks to my dearest Hadiya friends for making the whole program as better.

           Also, through this program I was able to be a part of one speech program “Sorayum Porulum” it was a wonderful experience for me, Alhamdulillah I could have done it better. Since joining the Hadiya group I have been able to make positive changes in my life, thanks to all of you in Hadiya group. 

Congratulations and special thanks to the ICF group, who have been teaching a lot of new knowledge and a systematic lifestyle. 

Classroom : RUWI