Hadiya Revival 2020 Feedback

Hadiya Revival camp was superb camp held at 21-02-2020. Hadiya student’s were more excited to hear the new curriculum and gain more energy after hearing secondary sources of income. This camp boosted the spiritual beliefs in us. Especially the class for”ghusl Janazah” was very useful and cleared many doubts for the audience. Health class taken by Doctor Fouziya was very effective for Hadiya’s to organize their health plans and for maintaining too. Many healthy and tasty dishes where introduced by our Hadiya’s in “Rasa kuttu” section. Especially it was mouth watering session. Last session was an emotional and useful session. Hope all good deeds accept by Almighty Allah and rewards us in this dhuniyah and akhirah.
      I would like to congratulate and thank all the Umairah’s for their guidance and support for all programs held  in our Al Khoud madrasa. Also I would like to thank our Al Khoud madrasa Usthad’s and other cooprative members for giving assistance for conducting Hadiya Revival 2020 program.
     Hoping more interesting and useful camps by ICF for Hadiya’s.

Classroom: Al Khoud
Seeb – Oman